Tracks from Golosá’s third album, “A Bird Is Known By Its Flight”

Title WAV mp3 (192 kbps)
Malchik wav (27M) mp3 (3.7M)
Kak Ivana-to Khozyaika Sobirala wav (18M) mp3 (2.4M)
Poyekhal Kazak II wav (44M) mp3 (6.0M)
Ofitserik wav (22M) mp3 (3.0M)
Za Shirokoy za Rekoy wav (27M) mp3 (3.7M)
Oozh, Ya Pashenku Pakhala wav (24M) mp3 (3.3M)
Vo Gorenke wav (15M) mp3 (2.1M)
Po Polyu wav (16M) mp3 (2.2M)
Iz-za Lesa Iz-za Roshchi wav (29M) mp3 (3.9M)
S po nad Lugam wav (33M) mp3 (4.5M)
Ne Veitesya Chaiki wav (30M) mp3 (4.1M)
Kabi Znal tak Utopilsya wav (20M) mp3 (2.6M)
Oy, Moroz, Moroz wav (24M) mp3 (3.3M)
Mi Nishchaya Bratiya wav (30M) mp3 (4.1M)
Tuman Yarom pri Doline wav (24M) mp3 (3.3M)
Zakipeli vo Polyakh Ozyora wav (37M) mp3 (5.0M)

Tracks from Golosá’s second album, “Until Bright Day”

Title mp3 (192 kbps) Ogg*
Zhavrononok ti Moy mp3 (3.0M) ogg (2.0M)
Palekh mp3 (2.1M) ogg (1.4M)
Varenka mp3 (2.1M) ogg (1.4M)
Poyekhal Kazak mp3 (5.1M) ogg (3.4M)
Ya Vzoidu na Goru mp3 (3.1M) ogg (2.1M)
Pushkar mp3 (3.5M) ogg (2.4M)
Vechor Devki mp3 (2.5M) ogg (1.7M)
Ne Sidela bi Dunya mp3 (3.7M) ogg (2.5M)
Provozhala Druzhka mp3 (2.9M) ogg (2.0M)
O Gore mne Greshniku mp3 (4.7M) ogg (3.2M)
Vsi ta Khori mp3 (3.1M) ogg (2.1M)
Leteli Tri Ptashki mp3 (2.9M) ogg (2.0M)
Zhil ya u Pana mp3 (5.7M) ogg (3.8M)
Stlala Postelushku mp3 (4.3M) ogg (2.9M)
Rasti da Rasti mp3 (2.1M) ogg (1.4M)
Vechernaya Zastolnaya mp3 (3.8M) ogg (2.6M)
All songs folk-trad except (D. Garkavi) and (A. Rosenbaum)


Tracks from Golosá’s debut album, “Songs from the Selengá”

Title mp3 (192 kbps) Ogg*
Oozh Vi Stari Stariki mp3 (1.1M) ogg (880k)
Rabina mp3 (2.3M) ogg (1.9M)
Ach Zapevai Podrushka mp3 (2.3M) ogg (1.9M)
Psalom Davida mp3 (5.7M) ogg (2.2M)
Sbiraysa v Put mp3 (2.6M) ogg (2.0M)
V Ostravakh Okhotnik mp3 (2.0M) ogg (1.6M)
Vanya Razudala Golova mp3 (2.6M) ogg (1.3M)
Pesna o Burlake mp3 (2.5M) ogg(2.1M)
Chorni Voron mp3 (2.6M) ogg (1.4M)
Vyeyut Vyetri mp3 (2.2M) ogg (1.2M)
Gori mp3 (3.6M) ogg (1.9M)
Ach Ti Styep Shirokaya mp3 (2.3M) ogg (1.9M)
Prolyagala Put Dorozhka mp3 (1.7M) ogg (1.4M)
Sidyel Vanya mp3 (1.6M) ogg (1.7M)
Za Rechenkoi Divo mp3 (2.5M) ogg (1.4M)
Oy Da Ne Vecher mp3 (5.3M) ogg (2.8M)


Tracks from Golosá’s now unavailable EP “Little Lacquer Box”

The only tracks provided here are those not available on other CDs.

Because they are otherwise unavailable, we also provide these in CD-quality wav files.

Keep in mind that wav files (which represent uncompressed audio) are much larger than either mp3 or ogg files (both of which are compressed) and download times will be correspondingly longer.

Title  wav (CD quality)   mp3 (192 kbps)  Ogg*
Mi Nishaya Bratiya wav (26.2M) mp3 (3.6M) ogg (2.4M)
Otche Nash wav (28.5M) mp3 (3.9M) ogg (2.6M)


*Ogg is an open-source media compression format. Ogg files are playable by all major media-playing software.